Christmas Bunnies Amateur Cup

Hello dear hockey fans,

Hockey Bunnies s.r.o. and Palasmeraldo Fondo invite you to international amateur hockey tournament CHRISTMAS BUNNIES AMATEUR CUP 2023 in Fondo, Italy. The tournament will be held at the winter stadium in Fondo in the north of the Italian mountains during the month decembre 21.12 - 23.12.2023.

More information about the place where the tournament will be held can be found at

Stadium: Fondo - Ice Arena. More at palasmeraldo section.

Tournament: Each tournament has its ceremonial opening, team entrances in a fire show, anthems of tournament participants.Skill competitions of the tournament await you: 1st round speed, accuracy shooting, puck slalom and shooting speed.Many beautiful prizes await all players, both for the best players of individual matches and of the entire tournament.We also announce ALL STARS TEAM tournaments. 

Events for tournament visitors: The town of Fondo is located in the north of the Italian mountains near the towns of Merano about 30 minutes by car, Lana https://www.gemeinde.lana. approx. 25 minutes by car, Madonna di Campiglio ski resort approx. 35 minutes by car.In the town of Fondo, the most famous is, which you can visit with the whole team for a discounted entrance fee after ordering.Also, not far from the winter stadium is the lake Lago Smeraldo, which is worth a visit. We also prepared a tasting and wine tasting for the parents in the famous wine cellar in Lana, Italy.

Tournament level: amateur level tournament 30 The tournament is announced for these years and for a maximum of 6 TEAMS

Tournament date: 21.12 - 23.12.2023 - 3x 20 minutes 

The best teams from Italy will be approached for the tournament, then teams from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary and others.

The entry fee for the 1st player includes:
Snacks and water in the cabin.Ice surface rental and guarantee min. 5 matches in the tournament. Medical officer, referee, material prizes for the tournament and great organization of the tournament .Each player will receive a tournament bag with a gift and souvenirs of the tournament, the best goalkeeper, striker and defender will receive a material prize, as well. Prizes will also be awarded to the winners of the skills competitions. The company is the Official Partner for the non-material prizes of the tournament CCM PUNTO HOCKEY ITALY and DM HOCKEY SKILLS.

Ranking and playing system of the tournament: 

1) number of points for a win 3 points, a draw 1 point, no match is extended in the regular part.
· In the play-off, after a tie, 3 separate raids follow.
2) mutual matches
3) goal difference
4) more goals scored
5) moose
6) The teams will be divided into 2nd groups of 5 teams, the system is played, each with each other in the group.
· This is followed by the play-off format of the tournament, which will be specified before the start of the tournament.

· after each match, the best players of the match will be announced (material prize, player's photo)
· all teams, diploma and material prize. All players in the tournament will receive a gift bag.
· teams in 1st to 3rd place will receive a cup, medals and a material prize.
· the best goalkeeper, defender and striker will receive a diploma, a statuette and a material prize
· ALL STARS TEAM will receive a statuette and a material prize from the company from CCM or DM HOCKEY SKILLS.

1. Health service
· Provided by the tournament organizer
2. Objections
· All objections must be submitted in writing to the tournament management within 15 minutes after the end of the match, together with a deposit of 500 EURO.
3. Referee
· Provided by the tournament organizer.
4. Jerseys
· Each team must have two sets of match jerseys and cleats.
5. Identification of players + number of players in the team
· passports for foreign teams
· valid registration cards for home teams
· the minimum number of players in a team is 13 players and 2 goalkeepers
6. Ice treatment
· after every match played.
7. Entry fee
8. Diet
· Lunch and dinner will be served at the winter stadium FONDO

The price for the meal is:· 15 euro lunch – includes lunch, main course and side dish in the form of a buffet, dessert and water.
· 15 euro dinner – dinner includes a main course and side dish in the form of a buffet, dessert and water.

If you are interested in participating in our international tournament, please do not hesitate to contact us.
No later than 1.12 2023, however, we need to send a deposit in the amount of 500 euros to the account viz. above, after crediting the moneyyour team will be entered on the list of participants of the CHRISTMAS BUNNIES AMATEUR CUP 2023 in Fondo, Italy..

By submitting the application, I acknowledge that each team member or individual player participates in events organized by DM HOCKEY SKILLS and HOCKEY BUNNIES s.r.o. at their own peril and risk. That is why HOCKEY BUNNIES s.r.o. recommends individual members to take out insurance against injuries caused by sports activities. The company has the right to select the teams for the tournament. Sending an application or entry fee to the company's account does not automatically entitle the registered team to be admitted to the tournament. Therefore, always wait for a confirmation email about acceptance to a tournament organized or co-organized by
the company.

Thank you for reading our invitation and we look forward to meeting you at our international hockey tournament in Fondo, Italy. 


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