Hello, dear hockey fans,

Hockey Bunnies s.r.o and Palasmeraldo Fondo would like to invite you to the 3rd edition of the international hockey tournament in Fondo, Italy.

We are extremely happy to be able to organize another edition of our tournament in Fonda, Italy, where the local authority in Fonda helps us a lot and thanks to this support the tournament can be organized again this year, we thank them very much and we look forward to this 3rd edition of our international tournament.

The tournament will be held at the winter stadium in Fonda in the north of the Italian mountains during the months of MARCH and APRIL in 2024.

For more information about the tournament venue, please visit www.fondo.it.

Stadium: Fondo - Ice Arena, more at https://www.canyonriosass.it/ section palasmeraldo.

Tournament.The skill competitions of the tournament await you: speed for the 1st round, shooting for accuracy, slalom with the puck and shooting speed.

Lots of nice prizes await all players, both for the best players of individual games and the whole tournament.We are also announcing the ALL STARS TEAM of the tournament. Throughout the tournament, there will be competitions with the mascot Bunnie.

Each tournament is accompanied by an accompanying program, photo printing and souvenir sales in the tournament fan zone.

A new booth with NHL hockey cards. A great fire show at the opening ceremony. Online coverage of the tournament on the Facebook page throughout the tournament + interviews with players or coaches throughout the tournament.

New event for team coaches.

Events for tournament visitors: the town of Fondo www.fondo.it is located in the north of the Italian mountains near the towns of Merano https://www.gemeinde.meran.bz.it/ about 30 minutes by car, Lana https://www.gemeinde.lana.bz.it about 25 minutes by car, the ski resort of Madonna di Campiglio https://www.campigliodolomiti.it about 35 minutes by car.In the town of Fondo is the most famous https://www.canyonriosass.it, which you can visit with the whole team for a discounted entrance fee by appointment.Furthermore, the Lago Smeraldo lake is not far from the ice rink and is well worth a visit.

We have also arranged a wine tasting for parents at the famous wine cellar https://www.kraenzelhof.it in Lana, Italy.

Tournament level : level AAAThe tournament is announced for the following years and for a maximum of 8 - 10 teams.

Termín konání turnaje:

29.3 - 31.3.2024 ročníky 2013 a mladší, velké hřiště 3x12minut

1.4 - 3.4.2024 ročníky 2012 a mladší, velké hřiště 3x12 minut

5.4 - 7.4.2024 ročníky 2011 a mladší, velké hřiště 3x 15 minut

8.4 - 10.4.2024 ročníky 2010 a mladší, velké hřiště 3x15 minut

12.4 - 14.4.2024 ročníky 2009 a mladší, velké hřiště 3x 15 minut

Na turnaj budou osloveny nejlepší týmy z Itálie, poté týmy z České republiky, Slovenska, Polska, Kanady, USA, Švýcarska, Německa, Rakouska, Finska, Švédska, Slovinska, Francie a jiné.

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